Ooh what happened to you, whatever happened to me – or “Final Standings – Season 2 (2014-15)”

Apologies for the delay – this was due to Barney writing a novel-sized acceptance speech and me forgetting to publish. Fine job all round. But never mind all that – here it all is!


 WEEK sheffield_united_fc peterborough-united sheffield-wednesday-box charlton
1 One
2 One
3 One
4 Half Half
5 One
6 One
7 One
8 One
9 Half Half Half
10 One
11 One
12 Half Half
13 One
14 One
15 One
16 One
17 One
18 Half Half
19 One
20 One
21 One
22 One
23 One
24 One
25 One
26 One
27 One
28 One
29 One
30 Half Half Half
31 One
32 One
33 One
34 Half Half
35 One
36 One
37 One
38 One
39 One
40 One
41 Half Half
42 One
43 Half Half
44 One
45 Half Half Half
46 One
47 Half Half
TOTAL 11.5 15.5 1 13 7.5


Here’s what our winner had to say:

Acceptance speech…

First of all, my apologies for the tardy nature of this missive but being on time is not a strength of the HeadInHands cabal, I’m always late with the data, Howard’s frequently late for the meetings and Chris devotes many an hour to ensuring the nation’s train system maintains its hard-won reputation for punctuality.

It’s been the usual season of high hopes mutating into high dudgeon for our teams, but HIH league-wise, the tourney began handsomely with Telford’s Godfrey Poku seeing red on opening day, his debut, then repeating the trick two matches later whilst appealing his initial red card.  Other moments to savour included Liam Noble’s refereeing alchemy – turning a yellow into a red within 20 seconds with just a few words to the official (probably not Piff, Paff, Poof), Morecambe v Accrington putting the ‘Unpleasant’ into Unpleasant Local Derby with their sideline fun and games, Matt McClure’s 70 second cameo being bettered by future Liverpool loan-in Stevie ‘You’re 34, for Heaven’s sake, it’s Steven’ Gerrard’s 26 seconds of wonder against Man Yoo.

Talking of Man Yoo, this:

Finished by former Gunner Benik Afobe, who will hopefully score big for Howard in 2015-16, despite my frequent nominations for ‘He S$;@!s Goals’ and not become the next Sanchez Watt or Jay Simpson.

Will we be continuing the league next year? Well, our ages are not endowing any of us with maturity or wisdom and are proving once and for all that there’s no fools like old fools, I suspect we will reconvene in a huddled mass in an unpopular corner of some studenty hangout in Sheffield S1 in August and once again, complain about not being able to hear Jeff Stelling for another year.  So that’s a ‘yes’.

So to the thank yous.  A genuine thanks to all those who have participated in this season’s farrago, you all share the blame equally, though some more than others, like Howard, who’s maintained the headinhands league page despite my best efforts.  His pathologically assiduous research (Agbonlahor played twice for the Owls – who knew?) doesn’t go amiss either.

 Chris for supplying the kind of brutal zingers which only the late Richard Whiteley would approve, keeping me in Diet Coke through the bleak midwinter and the odd moment of honesty/hari-kiri (‘Didn’t he used to play for Wednesday – oh S%!@e’)
Stephen Luff for his fantastic winners speech from last year,how I look forward to another one this time next season.
The London Division of Math and Emma for not winning nearly as much as I’d hoped.

Least of all, me for winning the overall title for the 3rd time in 4 years and for instituting the Kieran Agard Rule, in which Mr Agard has cost me on 24 occasions this season and probably clinched my demise towards the title.