Season 7 Game 30 (24-27 Jan)

THE “Innocence Is No excuse, as I am the special one” HEAD-IN-HANDS LEAGUE

So named because of the weekend birthdays of Saxon’s Steve ‘Dobby’ Dawson (68), Alicia Keys (39) and Jose Mourinho (57).

Barney: “Close AND a cigar for Portsmouth’s midfielder” [Ben Close]
Chris: “Queens Park didn’t ‘see’ Annan’s goal” [Ouzy See]
Howard: “Bowie scores – were the defenders Under Pressure?” [Kieron Bowie]

The choices this week are approximations of what I think Barney chose, so this could be why the first selection, Salim Kouider-Aisser (Queen’s Park) was a YES. However, the other two: Blair Lyons (Montrose) – DIDN’T PLAY (too scared?), and Inih Effiong (Dover Athletic) – both blanked!

Nothing found. Maybe this might be amended when Barney’s notes become available…in 2075.

Always a difficult one to get, and nothing changed this time either. Incidentally, a day return to Brighton from London is no a whopping £27.80 and at least £45-50 if you’re in Sheffield! Daylight robbery.

The best I could find was Senegal’s Mouhamed Niang of Montrose and someone who has definitely been on here before, Ireland’s very own Shadrach Ogie of Dover Athletic. The other candidates looked dead-certs, but the likes of (among others) Diallang Jaiyesimi (Swindon Town) and Ouzy See (Albion Rovers) actually happen to be British. It’s all about diversity, you know.

A top-quality example in former Swans midfielder Sam Clucas, who scored against his old club in Stoke City’s 2-0 win. Regarded as a £15m failure by Swansea City, he spent just a season there before moving on to the Potteries. Did he celebrate? Click the [LINK] to find out the answer…

It was a close-run thing between Crawley Town v Grimsby Town [2-1] at 240 driving miles each way and our runner-up (“as there are no losers on this show”), Portsmouth v Barnsley [2-0] at 234 miles.

Barney – [no normal gub listed but he did call a Stealth Lubbock (see our Categories for further info) at the Tranmere Rovers v Manchester United cup game which finished just 0-6…] – FAILED! [But this may change if Barney ever gets his PC working..hint, hint]
– called Swindon Town v Port Vale at 3-0 on 66 min – Finished: 3-0 – FAILED!
– [again, no proper Stealth Gub listed in what notes there are at the moment, but he did continue the Stealth Lubbock theme for Liverpool’s game at Shrewsbury Town, which finished, surprisingly 2-2, so technically…] – FAILED!

This is just going to say that this week’s much-delayed entry is an approximation of what I think was in Barney’s notes, which was hard enough, so there are no ‘And Finally…’ stories to fill this up. I wish there were, but then I also wish I was in the Isles of Scilly.

Hallam Hope (Swindon Town)

Christian Burgess (Portsmouth)
Jason Cummings (Shrewsbury Town) x2
Michael Doughty (Swindon Town)

charlton02Morgan Fox (Sheffield Wednesday)

Josh Rees (Bromley)

Elliott Whitehouse (Grimsby Town)
Harry Maguire (Manchester United)
James Hanson (Grimsby Town)
Joe Ironside (Macclesfield Town)
John Brayford (Burton Albion)