For the new season, we have a new fancy Latin motto – “Is Jusus deterioratur” (‘it just gets worse’).


The whole thing is an exercise in pain for football masochists everywhere.

We all have ex-players who we have let go and who then cheerfully go on banging them in for another, obviously lesser, club.

Every weekend when at least 50 UK teams are in action, the Head In Hands League will be up and running. The person with the unlucky number of goals from their ex-players wins the week. They then get 1 point added to their overall total which is added up at the end of the season.

Currently there are 5 clubs involved:

  • arsenal-box
  • charlton02
  • peterborough-united
  • sheffield-wednesday-box
  • sheffield_united_fc

Miscellaneous Information

… is called on to verify any claims re the playing history of a goalscorer, or for any proposed fact that just seems outrageous.

Kieran Agard_633651067032500000THE KIERAN AGARD RULE
If a player has made one appearance for a club, even if it was on loan from another club, they count. Named in honour of the ex-Peterborough United striker.


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